Updated June 3, 2015


Tenure/Multi-year Contracts

  • S-2930, sponsored by Senator Greenstein (D-14)
  • A-4499, sponsored by Assemblyman Benson (D-14)

Makes lecturer and specialist titles tenure-eligible positions, bars state colleges/universities from granting tenure upon hire to administrators and requires professional staff to receive multi-year contracts after five years

Current Status:  Senate Higher Education Committee  


  • A-1440, sponsored by Assemblyman Diegnan (D-18)
  • S-1723, sponsored by Senator Barnes (D-18)

Adds two employees, chosen by campus unions, to all state college/university boards of trustees.  Employees would have full voting rights, except on personnel matters

Current status: Assembly, Senate Higher Education Committees

Tuition Assistance

  • A-1445, sponsored by Assemblyman Diegnan (D-18)
  • S-1642, sponsored by Senator Turner (D-15)

Expands the Tuition Aid Grant (TAG) program to part-time undergraduate students at the senior public colleges and universities

Current status:  Assembly, Senate Higher Education Committees

Fair Bargaining

  • A-2575  sponsored by Assemblyman Mukherji (D-33)

Prohibits State from implementing its last offer in negotiations.  Negotiations must continue under terms of expired contract until a new contract is negotiated  

Current status: Assembly Labor Committee

  • S-2116, sponsored by Senator Greenstein (D-14)

Expands scope of negotiations to include every matter not expressly pre-empted by State law

Current status: Senate State Government Committee


  • S-770, sponsored by Senator Weinberg (D-37)

Requires that any privatization of public services not result in reduced services, increased costs or lower labor standards.  Gives public employee unions the opportunity to review the agency’s privatization proposal and present alternatives.     

Current Status:  Vetoed, Over ride lost in Senate


  • S-679, sponsored by Senators Lesniak (D-20) &Sarlo (D-36)

Allows establishment of county-wide purchasing system for certain school district services in certain counties; offers employment protections for certain food or custodial services employees; and regulates subcontracting by districts and public higher education institutions.

Current status: referred to Senate Education Committee

Mileage Reimbursement

  • S-1254, sponsored by Senator Turner (D-15)

Increases mileage reimbursement rate for a State employee driving a private automobile on State business to the IRS rate, as adjusted for inflation, currently 50 cents per mile. Existing rate is at 31 cents per mile

Current status: Senate State Government Committee  


State-wide bargaining

  • S-720, sponsored by Senator Kean (D-21)

Authorizes each board of trustees to our institutions to negotiate collective bargaining agreements on a campus by campus basis, thereby breaking up our state-wide bargaining unit. Removes removes those employees represented by CWA and IFPTE from the civil service system.

Also removes remaining state college employees from civil service system.

Current status: Senate Higher Education Committee

Cap on State spending

  • A-1123, sponsored by Assemblyman O’Scanlon (R-12)

Imposes 2% cap on increase in State appropriations from previous year with limited exceptions.  Requires two-thirds vote of each house of state legislature to exceed the cap. 

Current status: Assembly Budget Committee

Repeal of “no impasse law in K-12 and county college sector

  • A-561 , sponsored by Assemblyman DiMiao (A-23)

Repeals the “no impasse” law that prohibits school boards and community college boards from imposing their last offer in contract negotiations.

Further bars any fact finder or mediator designated by PERC to resolve an impasse in negotiations from recommending a contract settlement whose total economic package exceeds 2.5%

Current status:  Assembly Labor Committee

Supplemental Compensation On Retirement (SCOR)

  • A-1842, sponsored by Assemblywoman Lampitt (D-6)

Eliminates (up to) $15,000 sick leave payout for retiring state employees, including our librarians and professional staff.  Substitutes $7,500 offset to increased cost of post-retirement health benefits.

Current status: Assembly State Government Committee

  • A-174, sponsored by Assemblywoman Handlin  (R-13)
  • S-877 sponsored by Assemblywoman Weinberg (D-37)

Harsher version of A-1842 above —provides no offset and imposes penalties for violation of employer’s sick leave policies.

Current status:  A-174 in Assembly State Government Committee, S-877 in Senate Government Committee